Comprehensive overview of Google’s Generative AI portfolio for enterprises | Google Gemini, Vertex, Duet AI, AI Hypercomputer

Deepak Bhaskaran
4 min readJan 5, 2024

Google’s mission to organize the world’s information has continuously evolved with the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Generative AI, the newest leap in AI technology, has expanded Google’s capabilities, revolutionizing search and empowering enterprises in unimaginable ways. In this blog post, we’ll explore Google’s suite of Generative AI tools, including the newly released multi-modal model Google Gemini, Vertex their AI platform, Duet AI, and the infrastructure powering Google AI Hypercomputer.

Google’s Existing Generative AI Capabilities

For over a decade, AI has been the cornerstone of Google’s search evolution. With Generative AI, the company has unlocked boundless possibilities, enhancing user experiences and streamlining complex tasks. From personalized search outcomes to enabling real-time purchases, Generative AI has redefined the boundaries of technological advancements.

Enterprises Leveraging Google’s Generative AI

Numerous enterprises, including GE appliances, Bayer, Priceline, and Victoria’s Secret, have harnessed Google’s Generative AI tools to optimize operations. Examples include recipe curation based on refrigerator contents, medical data synthesis for precise diagnostics, revolutionizing travel experiences, and bridging communication barriers across diverse operations.

Overview of Google’s Generative AI Products

  1. Gemini: The Powerhouse AI Model Google introduced Gemini, a game-changing multimodal model capable of comprehending and processing text, audio, code, images, and video inputs simultaneously. Available in Ultra, Pro, and Nano versions, Gemini sets new benchmarks in AI foundational models.
  2. Google AI Hypercomputer : Google’s response to AI infrastructure demands, the AI Hypercomputer, underpinned by Tensor Processing Units (TPUs), forms the robust backbone supporting Gemini and other advanced AI models.
  3. Google Vertex AI , a fully managed enterprise platform, empowers developers to prototype and deploy Generative AI models seamlessly. With access to a vast Model Garden and customization options, Vertex AI democratizes AI utilization for enterprises.
  4. Duet AI : Google’s code companion solution that compete’s AWS’s code whisperer and Microsoft’s Github copilot.Duet AI is assembled on top of Vertex AI, built by google’s deepmind and integrated across google cloud products

Google AI in Action

Lets take a test drive as I create a AI powered Social media app with just a few clicks in Vertex AI

With Vertex AI, developers can discover and tune models with their own data, augment them to include up-to-the minute information and scale models into production in a low-code or no-code environment. With Vertex AI, Customers can choose over 130+ curated models in the model garden.

Duet AI Capabilities

Duet AI is assembled on top of Vertex AI, built by google’s deepmind and integrated across google cloud products. Duet AI provides

  • Assisted development
  • Assisted operations
  • Assisted data
  • Assisted no code development
  • Assisted security.

With assisted development, functions are generated based on comments. Your code is completed as you type it. Errors are automatically corrected and you can even chat with an AI pair programmer about the code.

With assisted operations, you can get critical how-to information about Google’s cloud infrastructure, deployment, best practices and recommendations on optimizing your cloud setup.

With assisted data, you can discover and explore your data and insights, learn and build with assisted coding, translate code dialects and automate data enrichment.

With assisted no code development, you can have a simple natural-language-based chat conversation to model data, create and customize specific app for your business needs. And design automated workflows.

With assisted security, you get up-to-date security insights on major bad actors, automated alerts for breaches and lateral movements, and best practice guidance on remediation.

Duet AI is available for multiple editors like visual studio code, intellij, pycharm and Cloud workstations and for over 20 programming languages. So you can Ready, set and code

Road Forward: Verdict and Insights

While Google’s foundational AI models and integration capabilities are commendable, certain areas require further development. Compared to competitors like Microsoft and AWS, Google may lag in a diverse toolset and broader enterprise penetration. Nonetheless, Google excels in embedding AI within its extensive suite of services, offering enhanced user experiences across various platforms. Google’s strength definitely lies in integrating AI into their rich toolsets that they offer to customers — be it Google search, Ads or Youtube. Despite being the first investors in Artificial intelligence, Google has somehow arrived late to their own party.

As enterprises embark on their Generative AI journey, Google’s offerings hold the promise of revolutionizing operations and user experiences across diverse industries.

Are you ready to leverage Google’s Generative AI for your enterprise? Share your thoughts and stay tuned for more updates on Enterprise AI technologies.

Disclaimer : The Author is a Google Certified AI partner

This blog post aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of Google’s Generative AI landscape, catering specifically to executives navigating the evolving AI-driven business environment.