myTrailhead experience

Learning Objectives

Key items that will be covered in this analysis:

  • what is myTrailhead ?
  • Things to consider
  • Potential use-cases
  • Verdict and Resources

What is myTrailhead?

Anyone in the Salesforce Ohana has definitely used Trails/ Trailhead. And now salesforce has enabled the option for companies to customize this great tool for rolling out their own learning journeys leveraging the gamifications platform

  • myTrailhead : Learning platform that incentivizes employees to learn more
  • degreed : Learning content aggregator
  • Drupal : Content Management System
  • Walkme : Overlays new Tools/ applications providing guidance and tips
  • Linkedin Learning : Content Library

Things to consider :

  • Version control (need additional like GITHub or PERFORCE),
  • No content authoring workflow (manual export, review and editor options)
  • The Unit editor is pretty functional (much akin a linkedin or medium editor) and ideal for most use-cases
  • Works best with Chrome & Firefox with some challenges in edge
  • It is not a robust assessment tool (cannot randomize Qs and As order)
  • Customizing Ranks is not yet available. But you can use the salesforce model (i.e Ranger, et all)
  • Inserting Videos is a bit cumbersome (manually edit the content.html) but not a deal breaker. You can host your videos in Brightcove or other platforms and display them here

Use-Cases you should think about

You should think of reviewing myTrailhead if your organization is looking for

  • Employee on-boarding : Think of lets say Account Executives, who need to know organization specific selling processes
  • Company Culture : If your organization has custom leadership/ executive training
  • Integrated Training within salesforce process : Lets assume, when an sales lead moves from stage 1 to 2 — you can push a “how to better write SOWs” training to the sales exec
  • Compliance Training : Certain features such as making sections within the training mandatory are not strictly implemented in myTrailhead making it not ideal for Compliance/Security Trainings
  • Integrating with an existing LMS content : The data model behind myTrailhead is different and hence not compatible with consolidating existing content — you will need to consider a migration effort


If you are already excited about Trailhead (Gamification, mobile,etc) and have a core-salesforce license and are looking to create custom training content — myTrailhead is a great choice.

Resource :



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