Salesforce Business Analyst Summit : Agile Webinar RECAP

Deepak Bhaskaran
3 min readApr 20, 2020


In this moment of Quarantine, I had an opportunity to deliver a seminar on Agile in the Salesforce Business Analyst Summit, titled “Agile for Business Analysts: Deliver 2x the results in Half the Time. This post is a RECAP of the webinar.

  • Topics we covered in the session
  • Scrum model for delivering Salesforce engagements
  • Tips for Business Analysts while writing User Stories
  • Feedback received
  • How to access the webinar and more contents

As a speaker for the Salesforce Business Analyst Virtual Summit- Spring 2020, I presented on Agile , titled “Agile for BAs : 2x results in Half the time”

As part of the session, we covered 4 key topics : Why Agile, What is Agile, Delivering Salesforce with Scrum and User-story guidelines for BAs

As part of “Why Agile” we talked about the common ills that plague our product/software delivery life-cycle — leading to consistent patterns of overtime and stress, delay in deployment leading to financial loss, Requirements constantly changing and churn of project members

As part of the “What is Agile” we discussed about the key factors defining Agile principles — How this is a Mindset change, not just a toolset (JIRA) change but a People, Process and technology change, adaptiveness and using the principles of Lean (with Toyota as the example)

As part of the “Salesforce Delivery model” we reviewed the cadence and artifacts powering a typical Scrum delivery with a hands-on example

And finally as part of the “User Story guidance” we covered the INVEST principle, User Story Hierarchy, Structure of a typical user story and tips on how to writer better user stories

Some of the feedback received from the session is below. You can access this and other sessions in the Salesforce Virtual Business Summit in case you missed the playback which is FREE for the next 24 hrs

Salesforce Virtual Business Summit — Summer 2020

Some of the feedback received :